About Apparently

As a little girl, I was always the smallest kid in the class. I wanted to be a ballerina, and I hated swimming lessons, so my parents sent me to an arts camp where I fell in love with theatre. For many years I played quirky sidekick roles.

At Sarah Lawrence College, I dyed my hair red and participated in a great deal of theatre as an actor and a director. Halfway through my senior year, I left the theatre department to study studio art. You can take that sort of crazy path at SLC, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the academic side, I studied a lot of Science & Society, as well as writing.  

After graduation I moved to Minneapolis to start a theatre company, which I promptly left when we started producing Ibsen helmed by 26-year-olds, because that's just not the direction I wanted to follow. I was cast in some very avant-garde work, as well as some particularly brilliant new plays, and grew fascinated by the world of physical theatre. In 1996, I moved to the tiny village of Blue Lake, CA, to attend the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, and then, having run out of country for moving westward, toured much of the US in a puppet production of The Jungle Book. Early one Sunday morning near Raynesford, MT, our touring van hit a patch of black ice and ended up submerged on its side in Otter Creek. Discovering that I was not willing to die for art, I drove my Saturn coupe (oh, how I loved that little car), back east to Boston, where I told myself I would take one year, just one year, to find a job in this so-called real world, and if I couldn't hack it I could return to the world of theatre.

That was seventeen years ago.

Since then, I've become a connector, maven, and manager in two different industries. I always work for small companies and start-ups where I can truly make a difference, and my past twelve years have focused on building brands in the digital space. You can check out my LinkedIn page for the business-y version, but the bottom line is that I connect people and ideas, bridge gaps in communication, and bring a down-to-earth, no-jargon, common-sense perspective to companies and projects...in addition to the many skills you'd expect from someone with fifteen+ years of business experience.

I also knit, sew, take pictures, and have terrific adventures with my family. My husband, son, and I live in New York City Brookline, MA with a talkative black cat. And I'm searching for my Next Big Thing.