On Change

In June, the Apparently family will be moving from New York City, where we've lived for nearly eleven years, to Boston. Two out of three of us have lived in Boston before; in fact, Mr. Apparently and I met in the Hub of the Universe. And he has been spending much of this past year there, even renting a little pied-a-terre in the South End to make commuting easier. But Apparently Jr. and myself still have both feet firmly planted in Gotham, and we've started to play a little game called Things I Will Miss and Things I Will Not Miss. We will keep track of the more salient points here. Junior's are in quotation marks.

Things I Will Miss About NYC

Things I Will Not Miss about NYC

  • "That part of the sidewalk near The Butcher Block that's always covered in trash."
  • Presents from dogs on the sidewalks
  • The smell of the city in August
  • Trying to leave Roosevelt Island on public transportation at 3pm
  • People who stand in the subway doors...while wearing backpacks
  • "People talking about un-nice things" on the subway. 
  • "That loud noise our refrigerator door makes" when the power cycles off.

...more to come...