Are You Into Graphic Novels?

nathan sorry

Because I've just finished reading the story-so-far of Nathan Sorry, a nebbishy junior Wall Street paper-pusher whose plans go awry on September 10, 2001. Author and illustrator Rich Barrett evokes the tense, nihilistic mood of that fall while revealing the story of a displaced man hiding out under an assumed identity. Five chapters are available online, and new pages are posted every couple of weeks.

You can read Nathan Sorry online, or purchase the first volume in a trade paperback.

Full disclosure: Mr. Barrett may or may not be the Creative Director at the firm where I may or may not have been (and remain somewhat) employed. This should not have any effect on your thorough enjoyment of his fine work. I just read all 83 pages in one sitting.

When It Rains

That's proverbial, as pours. Suddenly I'm working on three custom hats and sent off two pincushions in one day. I also delivered a stack of summer hats to our local children's boutique and am trying to plan three summer trips.

owl hat

swirls hat

Every year I make my son a new sun hat. This year he chose the fabrics himself, and so he'll spend his summer topped with butterflies. He just got some boyish blue sunglasses and several pairs of plaid shorts, so he'll be rocking the prints this season.

The lining of this reversible hat is the white butterfly print. He likes to turn it inside-out. I find it so sweet that my four-year old loves butterflies and can't be bothered with superheroes. Yet.



Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to #29, Maureen!

sew, mama, sew!

Welcome visitors from Sew, Mama, Sew! Today is one of my favorite days in the blogosphere, because I discover new-to-me crafty people from around the world. I'm looking forward to spending a few hours this week exploring all sorts of endeavors, from sewing and knitting to pursuits I know much less about, like dyeing and upholstery.

emma's star

I'm giving away this lovely hand-knit beret. I must confess that I originally intended it as a present for myself. I carefully selected the pattern from Rocket Boy Knits and the superwash merino wool yarn from Black Sheep Dyeworks with plans to knit myself a three-season hat. And I truly enjoyed both the pattern and the luscious variegated yarn. But it turns out that I'm not a beret person.

If you can stylishly sport a beret, and you'd like a chance to win this one, please leave a comment below. You can comment on anything: your latest project, where you're from, thoughts on my Etsy shop...whatever you like as long as it's fun for me to read. I read all the comments, and a plain old "enter me" is no fun on my end. I may even send a second prize to the most delightful/entertaining comment. The giveaway will close at 10pm EST on May 25, and a winner will be chosen at random.

As a thank-you for stopping by, I've set up a special offer for free shipping on any item in my Etsy shop, Petite Legume. Use coupon code SEWMAMAMAY for free shipping within the U.S. through the end of May.

(The giveaway is open internationally. If you've been to my local post office you'll understand why I simply can't offer free shipping around the world for my shop. It would mean hours in line at the post office, which is staffed by a gaggle of slow-moving, cranky individuals. I'm extremely thankful for online methods of shipping packages!)

Thanks for visiting the land of Apparently. Come back anytime - I usually blog about making stuff, but occasionally I diverge to such topics as growing butterflies, visiting museums, other cool stuff I've found online, and falling in love.

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