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A Rainy Sunday Project: Alien “Uglydoll”


Saturday morning we had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, where I tried the Oatmeal with Stone Fruits and Granola to see if it held a candle to my beloved Harvest Porridge. (It was tasty, but it’s no farro porridge.) After a trip to Hecksher Playground, via the most strange entrance to any public playground ever, we found ourselves at the mecca of all things toys, FAO Schwartz.

We followed an unfortunate employee sporting a giant life-size Uglydoll costume to the cars and trucks department. Apparently Jr was fascinated by the Uglydoll. I reminded him that he has one – it’s “out of rotation” in his closet. When we arrived home he was insistent that we immediately find the little green plushie, who was given a place of honor on his pillow.

Yesterday Mr A and I were informed that the Uglydoll was lonely and needed a friend. Because apparently the stuffed dinosaur, crayfish, dog, manatee, gnome, Totoro and robot plus the three plastic bugs that live on his bed are not enough? Regardless, supplies were gathered. Jr was very specific as to the number of eyes (3) and their location, as well as the number of legs (also 3). Mr Apparently made sketches. I was dispatched to the sewing machine, where an old pair of wool pants was dissected and emerged as the alien’s body.


Meet the newest member of the menagerie, Garblidge. He eats bug sandwiches.

When It Rains

That’s proverbial, as in…it pours. Suddenly I’m working on three custom hats and sent off two pincushions in one day. I also delivered a stack of summer hats to our local children’s boutique and am trying to plan three summer trips.

owl hat

swirls hat

Every year I make my son a new sun hat. This year he chose the fabrics himself, and so he’ll spend his summer topped with butterflies. He just got some boyish blue sunglasses and several pairs of plaid shorts, so he’ll be rocking the prints this season.

The lining of this reversible hat is the white butterfly print. He likes to turn it inside-out. I find it so sweet that my four-year old loves butterflies and can’t be bothered with superheroes. Yet.



A Rainy Day Project: Felt Butterfly

munchie prep

Another rainy day in the Northeast. Apparently Jr’s latest issue of Your Big Backyard arrived yesterday, and it features both a story about a little caterpillar named Munchie and a craft project about the caterpillar-to-butterfly process. The cruel irony of my parenting life is that little Apparently isn’t very interested in art projects, but I can occasionally drum up some enthusiasm if the art is secondary to a greater theme of space, insects or dinosaurs.


You may not be surprised to learn that I have a drawer full of felt, and so when he said, “Let’s make Munchie!” I leapt at the opportunity.

This was a super-fast project, and it would have taken even less time if we’d used glue. But we found that glue seeped through the felt and was generally messy and gross. (Also, we have no hot water today thanks to some boiler repair, and so minimal clean-up was not such a bad idea.)


We agreed to glue only the googly eyes and sew the rest on the sewing machine. (Apparently Jr and I have an agreement at the sewing machine; he gets to press the reverse button.) Using thread rather than adhesive made the toy stronger, and we were able to play with it sooner.


Completed just an hour ago, this little guy has emerged from his chrysalis at least seven times and an entire play has been performed in his honor. I need more science-based art projects, as they keep us both very happy!


You can download the instructions and templates from the National Wildlife Federation’s website. Let me know if you make one, too!

The Snowy Day, Redux

From the Mouths of Babes

What’s a blog? There was a huge snowman right next to our building. Our building apartment. A gigantic snowman. One of the trees fell down, maybe its trunk broke or something. It was very windy when I got to Lou Lodati Park. We bought some marshmallows and some cocoa and some hot chocolate. I like my marshmallows plain – not fried, not roasted. We’re having a blog.”

Watch Out, Arthur Danto

photo by bshort

Who’s a Bug?

Brian refers to Adrian as “The Bug.” The first few times I heard this I found it a little strange. After all, he’s an adorable little baby, not an insect. I know babies who are called “panda” and “the mouse,” both of which are sweet little monikers. Perhaps Brian sensed my lack of enthusiasm on this topic, because he pointed out that the nickname is short for “snugglebug,” which itself is short for “snug as a bug in a rug.” My mother used to ask me if I was snug as a bug in a rug, and so now I’m grooving on “The Bug.”

Four Months and One Day

Four months ago right now, I was in a wheelchair heading to the NICU to feed my son for the first time. Tonight I danced with him in the park, in the company of our new mommy-daddy-baby friends, to the swingin’ sounds of a Frank Sinatra tribute band. Lots has happened in four months, but I’ve been just a little too busy to document it properly. My goal is to change that, to catch up, and to keep track of the growth and development of the sweetest little boy in Sunnyside.

(Apologies to my new-mom friends with other sweet little boys. You’d say the same thing if it were your blog.)