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More on DIY Upholstery

One of my favorite blogs, Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business, has a post today that thoroughly details the process of making an ottoman from scratch.

Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business: diy: tufted ottoman, in more detail.

So Hip It Hurts, Indeed

One of my dream hobbies is reupholstery. Once, when I was a foolish young thing of 24, I dragged a loveseat in from the snow, tore off all the upholstery with a needle nose pliers and recovered it using a staple gun and judicious use of hot melt glue. I don’t think I would attempt such a project now (or at least not until I own an old farmhouse with a studio in the barn).

Susan Petersen bought a couch for $30, took an upholstery class, and turned an old textured sofa into a sleek modern beauty. Check out the time lapse before-and-after video (at the link below)!


Is it wrong that I liked the Before sofa, too?

Freshly Picked: Couch Before + After Reveal (Finally).