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A Rainy Day Project: Felt Butterfly

munchie prep

Another rainy day in the Northeast. Apparently Jr’s latest issue of Your Big Backyard arrived yesterday, and it features both a story about a little caterpillar named Munchie and a craft project about the caterpillar-to-butterfly process. The cruel irony of my parenting life is that little Apparently isn’t very interested in art projects, but I can occasionally drum up some enthusiasm if the art is secondary to a greater theme of space, insects or dinosaurs.


You may not be surprised to learn that I have a drawer full of felt, and so when he said, “Let’s make Munchie!” I leapt at the opportunity.

This was a super-fast project, and it would have taken even less time if we’d used glue. But we found that glue seeped through the felt and was generally messy and gross. (Also, we have no hot water today thanks to some boiler repair, and so minimal clean-up was not such a bad idea.)


We agreed to glue only the googly eyes and sew the rest on the sewing machine. (Apparently Jr and I have an agreement at the sewing machine; he gets to press the reverse button.) Using thread rather than adhesive made the toy stronger, and we were able to play with it sooner.


Completed just an hour ago, this little guy has emerged from his chrysalis at least seven times and an entire play has been performed in his honor. I need more science-based art projects, as they keep us both very happy!


You can download the instructions and templates from the National Wildlife Federation’s website. Let me know if you make one, too!

Wait for It

“The bug” stuck. The bug is now two and ready for the debate team.

While raising my infant son, I got crafty. I’ve been knitting for some time, but during the past two years I’ve dusted off the sewing machine, plugged in the hot melt glue gun, and otherwise channeled my inner Martha Stewart. This week I bought a needle felting kit and created an apple, most of a little elf, and a bird on a nest. I’m pleased to report that I stuck myself only twice, which I owe entirely to my fear of sharp pointy objects.