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Darling Typefaces from Tart Workshop

Tart WorkshopI have a little blog/website crush on my friend Christian’s wife. I’ve never met her, but she designs typefaces. Lovely, hand-lettered typefaces suitable for invitations and stationery and whatnot your next whimsical advertising campaign. Wouldn’t Silverstein look sweet on the cover of your next novel? Or Seasoned Hostess on a package of homemade cookies?

One can even purchase a complete stationery kit for tarting up your own beautiful correspondence with the charming Carrotflower font.

You can check out her web site, Tart Workshop, or her blog, where she displays some of her custom illustration work.

And look at this sweet little signature she sent me. Thanks, Tart Workshop!


Self-Image through Fontography?

Pentagram says I’m a courier type. I would have suspected myself to be a Perpetual Titling Light kind of person, myself, but self-identifying as progressive rather than traditional made all the difference.