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I Drink Only Decaf Anyway

My friends seem to be in cahoots and think I should open a coffeehouse. Now, it’s true that my neighborhood is devoid of a decent place to get a good cup of coffee, and not one but three coffee spots have closed in the nabe within the past year (two within the past two months).

And it’s true that I have some strong opinions about how a coffeehouse should be run.

But someone’s going to have to give me a very strong argument for why I should hire someone else to raise my child so that I can pull espresso and manage baristas twelve hours a day before I will seriously consider this sort of entrepreneurial career route. Even if – especially if – there is a knitting shop element to this plan. As we say to our son, persuade me. Or, get back to me in five years.

(The state of coffee in NYC is greatly improved of late. Bald and Effective sent me this article from the New York Times that lists 30 places to get a great cup in the city. Not one is in Sunnyside, but one is in Long Island City, a leisurely 25-minute walk away.)

Go ahead, convince me. I’ve suggested to more than one of you that the first step is to find out the rent on the Daco Romano space and/or any of the other empty storefronts in the neighborhood, and no one has presented me with any numbers. If you’re serious, dangle some useful information. Who knows…I might just take the bait.

On the other hand, it took me many, many years to understand that just because you think you can do something better doesn’t mean that you should.

felt coffee cup by me, actually. it’s a prototype. more to come.

Plus, I Have to Make My Own Coffee

Old news, but new to me: according to Salary.com, if stay-at-home mothers were paid the equivalent of their professional counterparts in child care, cleaning, cooking, and all of the other tasks demanded of the role, we would earn ~$134,121 annually. That number represents 91.6 hours each week. Let’s be more precise here and remove the laundry machine operator and (most of) van driver from my particular equation – that’s still more hours than I ever spent as a corporate strategist. That said, I enjoy my colleagues and the dress code is more relaxed.