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Roosevelt Island: Living in the Future, 35 Years Ago

Roosevelt Island's Trash System

Roosevelt Island fascinates me. Currently a car-free community to about 12,000 residents, this small island in the East River has previously housed a prison and an insane asylum, but now serves as home mostly to Manhattan office workers.

Wired has a fascinating photo essay on the pneumatic trash system used to keep the island free of garbage-collection trucks. The only other system of its kind in the U.S. is used at Disney World. Europe and Asia, of course, are full of such progressive systems.

New York City’s Trash-Sucking Island | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

Going Paper-Towel-Free: Juniper Moon Farm

NonPaperTowels from AthenaCreates

NonPaperTowels from AthenaCreates

I’ve reposted items from Juniper Moon Farm more than once because Susan lives a fascinating life and I’d like to think that someday I will live in a home – a farmhouse, even – as lovely as hers.

Today while wiping up a toddler-activated spill I was thinking yet again about how many paper towels we use (fewer than most, but perhaps a dozen a day), and how I’d like to switch to a more environmentally-sound alternative. Then Susan posts about going paper-towel-free at her farm. It sounds straightfoward enough, and the non-paper-towels she uses are an excellent solution.

The dealbreaker, however, is that she has her own washing machine, and as urban apartment-dwellers, we do not. Is it possible to give up paper towels if your laundry gets washed every two weeks and you have a three year-old?

Going Paper Towel Free : Juniper Moon Farm.