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Summer’s Crafty Goodness

Why is it that I always find myself sewing – which by its nature means, turning on the iron – on the hottest days of the year? Apparently heat inspires me. Here are just a few of several projects I’ve completed lately.

magnolia hat

This sun hat was a commission from a lovely friend. The inside has a little secret – a contrasting fabric with a pretty picture that reminds me of her. I’m not going to show you what it is, but I’ll tell you it’s a Heather Ross fabric.

manly pincushions

A bride-to-be in California commissioned two Very Manly Pincushions for her wedding. I’m not entirely clear on the role they’ll play, but I love that she’s doing something very creative!

nesting hen pincushion

We made a trip to Fish’s Eddy, where we got some new egg cups. This means that the nesting hen egg cups I bought at Anthropologie a few years ago (and which really aren’t very good at holding eggs) – will be repurposed.

I couldn’t resist a piece of this Suzuko Koseki linen fabric printed with vintage sewing images, and so of course it became a potted pincushion.

The FedEx man just rang with a package I’d forgotten about – a fresh stack of fabric! Stay tuned for pix…

What I Made This Week: More Sun Hats!

I had a respite from hats for a week or so, but several custom orders have come in this week and so it’s back to hats! (It’s fine; I love creating them.) The patchwork bucket to the left is for a little boy in my neighborhood. I didn’t meet him until I placed the finished hat on his head, and luckily it fit perfectly and looked cute!

A friend who loves bunnies made a comment on Facebook that I should make hats in a bunny toile print, and as I just happened to be visiting her last weekend, did I show up with one? Of course I did. (This was the mystery fabric acquired during my trip to Vermont.) I usedĀ Lotta Jansdotter’s hat pattern, which I should have remembered caused great problems the last time I sewed it; the crown ends up being far too high for the hat, which perches on top of the head like a lampshade anyway. So I trimmed it down a few (that’s right, a few) inches and it turned out quite cute! The lining is a dark brown with tiny cream polka dots. If you look at them very closely (in person, not in the picture – I would be very impressed if you could see them in this photo) you can see that the dots are actually tiny diamonds. I find them charming.

Wide Brim Hat in Luna Moth

This morning I finished an Amy Butler Blue Sky hat for myself in Patty Young’s Luna Moth fabric. I trimmed the brim down by about 1.5″ so it wouldn’t be quite so sail-esque as the one I made last summer. I can’t wear that one, the prettiest hat I’ve ever made (Kokka cherry blossoms), because the wind lifts it from my head and blows it away! So I’ve lengthened the crown to make this one fit more snugly and shortened the brim. It does feel a tiny bit “wicked witch of the west,” but I always wanted to be her when I was a kid, so I’m okay with this look. Update: It’s just not working on me, so I’ve listed it in my Etsy shop!

After days of fiddling with the pattern, today I started a wide brim hat in Anna Griffin’s Isabelle Baroque Medal (the same fabric as this pincushion) for a lovely woman in the neighborhood, and tonight I cut the pieces for a patchwork hat for one of our friends “on the computer,” which will include bits of the Luna Moth because I just love it too much not to share every last piece.

Strangely, the selvedge of the Isabelle Baroque Medal fabric claims it is Le Poulet, which it is most definitely not. Have you ever seen a mismarked selvedge?

More pictures to follow…

New at Petite Legume: Swirly Beachy Goodness

Swirly Beachy Goodness

I like this baby cloche so much I’m going to use the same fabric in an adult size. Thanks to those who suggested larger hats!

What I Made This Week, Part II


Having a little boy is fantastic in nearly every way, yet anyone who sews will tell you that the crafty opportunities just aren’t as exciting for the male of the species.

I do have the occasional urge to get girly with the colors and patterns. These two sweet hats are a custom order for twins in my neighborhood. Their mother sat them in front of the computer with an image of all my fabrics, and each chose her own colors.


From an ease-of-sewing perspective, I’m currently grooving on the reversible cloche pattern. Those patchwork hats are a lot of work! The cloche is considerably more simple, although it does require some fiddly attention where the six seams meet at the top. The only way to improve is practice, and so I just keep making more hats.

I climbed up onto my sewing desk today and strung a line from the curtain rod to a hook on the wall so I can store/display stock hats where they’re both visible and out of the way. I love walking into the room and seeing them hanging high above the machine. It’s not quite as charming as the “Caps for Sale” -style stack I had going before, but it’s much more practical.

What I Made This Week, Abridged Edition

I’m in the midst of several custom orders, and so I’ve made quite a few sunhats this week. I’m in love with the white one and am considering enlarging the pattern to make one for myself. But oh, the trickiness of resizing a pattern. One can’t just blow it up in Photoshop; all sorts of subtle changes are required. Perhaps there will be prototypes in my Etsy shop soon!

Kaffe Fassett Hat

Botanical Hat