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To Dye For

We interrupt this torrid, deeply compelling series of embroidery posts to share photos of a last-minute egg dyeing session that took place this afternoon. Did you know that you can buy a Cars egg-dyeing kit? The CVS carries everything!

Apparently Jr liked the dyeing and the sticker-applying best.

dyeing eggs

I turned out to be an excellent egg excavator. It’s a good thing we had yet to throw away Apparently Jr’s baby snot sucker. Martha Stewart recommends them for blowing out eggs!

easter eggs

And Mr Apparently made an incredible egg dinner. Under this perfect omelet lurks chorizo, asparagus and hash browns.

eggs for dinner

We’re not a religious family, but we’re grooving on the bunny-spring-egg direction this year. And I believe Mr Apparently picked up someĀ chocolate praline filled real eggs from Germany, along with an actual basket, at Chelsea Market. I’ve never been so excited to greet the Easter Bunny! Now, how will he deliver his goods? We don’t have a chimney…

What I Made Last Month: Xmas Edition

One iPad sleeve (sewn), photo not taken.

Two Clemence knit cowls, photos not taken.

Four men’s scarves sewn from vintage suiting wools inherited from my late great-aunt’s seamstress shop, photos not taken.


One pair Veyla fingerless gloves, knit in 30% silk 70% wool hand-dyed yarn from RiverPoet, with mother of pearl buttons. A lovely pattern that resulted in a beautiful (if not very warm) pair of gloves. I wish I’d been able to use the lacy shell buttons I originally purchased, but they were too large and I used tiny smoke mother of pearl buttons instead. More photos here.

Lacy Shell Button

One project failed, which was a replacement Greek Coffee Cup Cozy for one that’s been lost. But I felted it too much, and now it will only fit on the smallest of take-out cups.

A final project was delayed until January and will receive its own post soon. One word: anglerfish. Be afraid.

Have Yourself An Irreverent Holiday

My holiday season has not exactly been filled with the warm scent of gingerbread and the harmonies of carolers this season. Mr Apparently has been working day and night, and I’ve purchased every gift via the Web. So you’ll forgive me if I’m feeling more humorous than warm-and-fuzzy this week. I hope at least one of these elicits a laugh. Especially if you’re at work!

These are my three favorite holiday amusements of this season. Feel free to link to your favorite in the comments!

1. Jon Stewart asks Stephen Colbert if he’d like to try a little Hanukkah.

2. The Story of the Nativity as Told Through Social Media

3. What Happens When You Try Too Hard to Make Christmas Meaningful (and You’re Six)

Hyperbole and a Half: The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas.

Things For Which I Am Thankful

upside down

photo by John Frisbie


Friends, near and far

Washable glue

My Kenmore sewing machine

Shoes with rubber heels that look like wood


Facebook (c.f., Friends, far)

The collected works of Jonathan Franzen

The collected works of Richard Scarry

Corrective lenses


Public transportation

Having a roof over my head

Wool slippers

The taco truck at 40th & QB

Successful communication


Decaffeinated coffee

Health insurance

Steam heat

Flea markets

A liberal arts education

The internet