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A Brief Word on Japan Relief

You have any number of ways to contribute to relief efforts in Japan, and in no way do I want to discourage you from sending some cold hard cash to The American Red Cross or the well-rated, legitimate organization of your choice. But I do want to direct you to some of the interesting ways that crafters and artists are raising money to be sent to Japan.

Quilts for Quake Survivors is a group in Portland that is both sewing log cabin quilts and distributing fabric to be sewn into warm quilts. These quilts will either be sold, with the proceeds sent to appropriate organizations supporting the efforts in Japan, or sent directly to survivors. You can send fabric, pieced blocks or cash donations, or you can organize a quilting bee in your area.

Handmade for Japan is an online auction of items by accomplished artists that starts tonight and runs through Sunday night.

Of course, people on Etsy are donating part or all of the proceeds of various items to Japan relief. In addition to fabric for the quilters and some cash of my own, I plan to donate the purchases of this striped wool hat and my Very Manly coffee sleeves. (Now would be a good time to stock up on presents!)

School Food in Japan > Cheetos

Not surprising, but the Japanese serve far better school food than we do in the U.S. Blogger Christine is living in Japan and writes about her school- and hospital-food experiences on her blog, Origami Mommy. (She also has some sweet crafty tutorials.)

I had the distinct pleasure of giving birth in a Jewish hospital during Passover, which meant matzo cereal for breakfast. Fortunately it was in the East Village and Mr. Apparently was able to bring both a tuna sandwich and take-out sushi for the same meal. Is he a good man, or what?

Japanese school food – Origami Mommy

via Words to Eat By

Cheetos reference: Slow Food USA’s blog