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A Friend in Need…

One way in which the Internet is truly incredible is the ability of a random group of strangers to help someone in need. The Juniper Moon Farm blog recently made me aware of the disaster that befell Pete’s Greens, an organic farm and CSA in Vermont that recently suffered a devastating fire. The barn and all of the processing equipment were destroyed, along with a quarter of a million dollars in crops and meats, and a partially-built addition to the barn.

Susie of Juniper Moon had never heard of Pete’s Greens until a subscriber told her about the fire, but she knows that her readers are a kind lot who can be called upon every so often. So she set up a fundraiser where people can donate to Pete’s Greens via Amazon payments. And she may have offered a few incentives, including her own yarn stash, to encourage people to donate.

In the past several days, not only has over $5,000 been raised, but over 50 people have offered additional prizes, ranging from yarn and handknits to paintings and photographs.

So, if the spirit moves you, read the farm’s story and send a few dollars their way. You might even win this infant-sized tomato hat, handknit by me!

tomato hat

A Friend in Need… UPDATED with lots more Prizes! : Juniper Moon Farm.

Going Paper-Towel-Free: Juniper Moon Farm

NonPaperTowels from AthenaCreates

NonPaperTowels from AthenaCreates

I’ve reposted items from Juniper Moon Farm more than once because Susan lives a fascinating life and I’d like to think that someday I will live in a home – a farmhouse, even – as lovely as hers.

Today while wiping up a toddler-activated spill I was thinking yet again about how many paper towels we use (fewer than most, but perhaps a dozen a day), and how I’d like to switch to a more environmentally-sound alternative. Then Susan posts about going paper-towel-free at her farm. It sounds straightfoward enough, and the non-paper-towels she uses are an excellent solution.

The dealbreaker, however, is that she has her own washing machine, and as urban apartment-dwellers, we do not. Is it possible to give up paper towels if your laundry gets washed every two weeks and you have a three year-old?

Going Paper Towel Free : Juniper Moon Farm.

How to Unpack Your Bees

I’m am officially a beekeeper! : Juniper Moon Farm

Susan Gibbs just stacks one impressive thing on top of another. Not only is she a shepherd and small business owner, but now she’s keeping bees, too. These pictures walk you through the process of setting up and unpacking your beehive(s).

And just to pique your interest: did you know that queen bees eat fondant?

MV Fiber Farm on Spinning Wool into Yarn

I may know a good deal about yarn, but I don’t know much about how yarn is made other than sheep –> spindle –> skein –> shop.

This fantastic set of photos from Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm shows exactly what happens to a fleece when it goes to the mill. And what a lovely old mill it is, too, with lots of antique equipment and not even a digital scale in sight.

photo from fiberfarm.com/2009/06/field-trip