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Oh Why-O, Part II

I found Ohio curious, but I enjoyed being there. Much of it looked like this:
So imagine my surprise when some of it looked like this:
That’s a manatee in the background. The Columbus Zoo has two of them and features some of the most impressive crowd control management techniques I’ve ever seen. Not that they were necessary today – there were about 200 people in the entire enormous zoo, and we practically had the baby elephant all to ourselves. Manatees! Who knew?

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why Oh

This post comes to you via some flaky wireless service at the lovely
Quality Inn in Tiffin, Ohio. It may be expounded upon at some later
date when I can type with more than just thumbs. But let me state for
posterity that not only have I just attended a beautiful wedding and
enjoyed the excellent company of my friends and neighbors far from our
usual locale, but also I have witnessed the unprecedented sight of my
husband dancing to pop music with our son. Which alone may have been
worth any stress accumulated over the past 48 hours. Because that was