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Summer’s Crafty Goodness

Why is it that I always find myself sewing – which by its nature means, turning on the iron – on the hottest days of the year? Apparently heat inspires me. Here are just a few of several projects I’ve completed lately.

magnolia hat

This sun hat was a commission from a lovely friend. The inside has a little secret – a contrasting fabric with a pretty picture that reminds me of her. I’m not going to show you what it is, but I’ll tell you it’s a Heather Ross fabric.

manly pincushions

A bride-to-be in California commissioned two Very Manly Pincushions for her wedding. I’m not entirely clear on the role they’ll play, but I love that she’s doing something very creative!

nesting hen pincushion

We made a trip to Fish’s Eddy, where we got some new egg cups. This means that the nesting hen egg cups I bought at Anthropologie a few years ago (and which really aren’t very good at holding eggs) – will be repurposed.

I couldn’t resist a piece of this Suzuko Koseki linen fabric printed with vintage sewing images, and so of course it became a potted pincushion.

The FedEx man just rang with a package I’d forgotten about – a fresh stack of fabric! Stay tuned for pix…

What I Made This Week, Part I

Pincushions. I don’t what it is about these little guys, but I love making them.

dragonfly pincushion

These pincushions happened, by the way, because we eat too much cheese. St. Marcellin comes in little terracotta dishes, and we had at least a dozen in the kitchen cabinet. I was musing on some way to re/upcycle, and these little pincushions evolved. I’m rather hoping that people will consider them as Valentine’s Day gifts, or even better, little gifts to oneself for being such a dedicated/risk-taking/curious sewist.

Venetian marbleized pincushion

I particularly like this last one, made from an old teacup that a friend was clearing out of her china cabinet. I’d like to make all sorts of things from vintage teacups, but they’re not easy to find at a reasonable price in NYC. One day antiquing in Minnesota or Vermont would turn up enough teacups to craft for a year!

teacup pincushion

Speaking of which, please let me know if you have a source for the cheese dishes, or something very much like them. At $8 per cheese, this is not a sustainable habit.