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School Food in Japan > Cheetos

Not surprising, but the Japanese serve far better school food than we do in the U.S. Blogger Christine is living in Japan and writes about her school- and hospital-food experiences on her blog, Origami Mommy. (She also has some sweet crafty tutorials.)

I had the distinct pleasure of giving birth in a Jewish hospital during Passover, which meant matzo cereal for breakfast. Fortunately it was in the East Village and Mr. Apparently was able to bring both a tuna sandwich and take-out sushi for the same meal. Is he a good man, or what?

Japanese school food – Origami Mommy

via Words to Eat By

Cheetos reference: Slow Food USA’s blog

How to Turn Your Spam into Veggies

When I become an activist, healthier school lunches will be my cause. I am delighted by what celebrity chefs like Alice Waters and Jamie Oliver are doing to improve the standards for school-provded meals in this country and the U.K.

Chipotle, a brand whose food I don’t particularly care for but which I respect for their “better pork” policies, has started a donation campaign. Forward your junk email to nojunk@chipotlejunk.com, and they’ll donate $10,000 for every 100,000 email received to The Lunch Box, a non-profit organization that provides resources to schools to help them make their food programs healthier.

Chipotle Wants to Turn Your Junk E-mail into Healthy School Lunches.

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