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Summer Stash

I once really enjoyed stashing yarn; now I tend to purchase it only by the project. Because seriously, unless you’re exclusively a sock knitter, how could you possibly just intuit how much of a particular yarn you’ll need for some undefined future sweater?

I break this rule regularly for gorgeous single skeins while on vacation.

Also, the one under-the-bed box I allow myself for storing yarn is completely full. Mostly of gorgeous single skeins purchased on vacations.

In the past couple of years, I’ve found much more enjoyment in stashing fabric. I’m still somewhat tame; I tend to make just one or two orders of unpremeditated – that is, not earmarked for a particular project – yardage orders each year. And I really do try to use up stash fabrics before buying new. Again, however, exceptions are easily made while traveling.

I love to knit, but rarely do I take out the box of yarn and gaze at its possibilities. Each of those single skeins will ultimately end up as a lace shawl or lovely scarf. I learned my lesson with the beret. But the fabric…it’s so delightful to dream up a project, or be inspired by a tutorial, and riff through the stash to select which fabrics to use.

Mr Apparently gave me a bias tape maker and Ellen Luckett Baker’s book 1-2-3 Sew for my birthday, and so clearly a little stash renewal was in order. Look at this restraint! Only 7 yards!

summer stash

That’s because I have a gift certificate to Hawthorne Threads pinned up over my desk, waiting patiently.


An Anthropological Experiment

I know. I’m not supposed to like Anthropologie, because the owner-founder is a seriously right wing former hippie who has embraced capitalism. But I’ll confess: like most design-minded women of a certain age, I love the store’s upscale boho aesthetic and have been known to scour the sale racks for those drape-y linen pants I can’t resist. I may have dreams of turning their entire selection of French-inspired bowls into pincushions.

And now, this: decor8 tells us that twelve stores will be opening a Decorator Concept shop on March 24. From decor8, the shops will deliver

a unique experience that helps generate design ideas and support decision making, and the decorator shops in stores will have wallpaper swatches, rugs, curtains, printed information about products, and it will host regular workshops with design experts. Main categories such as curtains, furniture, hardware, lighting, rugs and wallpaper, will be helpful to decorators and the in-store shop will look a little different in each location and will serve as both reference and to spark creativity.

As if I didn’t already want to buy a hundred glass drawer pulls for furniture I don’t even own yet.

Of course what I am most interested in is the fabric. And for those of you not near one of the shops (which are listed in both of the blogs I linked to above and here), the online decorator shop launches March 17. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some swatches. Update to follow…

fabric or wallpaper?

Random related fact: Did you know that Ravelry has an extremely active group of knitters who recreate Anthropologie designs?

Last Chance (online) for a Few Hats…

Patchwork HatA lovely woman in my neighborhood is opening a childrenswear shop on Skillman Avenue, and Petite Legume will be well represented! I’m working on some new baby kimonos and bird mobiles for the shop, in addition to felt food, headbands and winter hats.

Penguin pantsSome of the listings in my Etsy shop are expiring soon, and so I’ve put them on sale. If they don’t sell, they will be going to Petunia as well, and I expect they’ll be priced much higher there, so consider this an insider tip!