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Remember the Marshmallow?

Some months ago I posted the beautiful little thing that is a single marshmallow roasted over your gas stove burner, resulting in 25 sticky, gooey calories of pure deliciousness.

Last month we were at the ginormous behemoth of fresh grocery retail, Stew Leonards, where we came across this magnificent thing.

You can’t tell from the photo how big these marshmallows are, but here’s a blog post that shows a “giant roaster” next to your garden-variety regular specimen.

Now, my post was supposed to be about how Mr Apparently roasted one of these beauties last week and it was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever eaten. The extra mass means more of those delicious melty internal sugars. At 90 calories this is more of an actual dessert commitment than a guilt-free snack, but since it’s about all one needs to eat post-dinner for an entire evening, it seemed completely worth it.

But tonight I had another one, and I’ve felt ill ever since. Clearly these supersized sugar bombs should not be eaten straight, but rather tempered with some chocolate and graham crackers.

To Dye For

We interrupt this torrid, deeply compelling series of embroidery posts to share photos of a last-minute egg dyeing session that took place this afternoon. Did you know that you can buy a Cars egg-dyeing kit? The CVS carries everything!

Apparently Jr liked the dyeing and the sticker-applying best.

dyeing eggs

I turned out to be an excellent egg excavator. It’s a good thing we had yet to throw away Apparently Jr’s baby snot sucker. Martha Stewart recommends them for blowing out eggs!

easter eggs

And Mr Apparently made an incredible egg dinner. Under this perfect omelet lurks chorizo, asparagus and hash browns.

eggs for dinner

We’re not a religious family, but we’re grooving on the bunny-spring-egg direction this year. And I believe Mr Apparently picked up some chocolate praline filled real eggs from Germany, along with an actual basket, at Chelsea Market. I’ve never been so excited to greet the Easter Bunny! Now, how will he deliver his goods? We don’t have a chimney…

Mmm, Tasty: Brooklyn Flea

Every since I picked up a promotional postcard at the Renegade Craft fair two years ago, I’ve been itching to visit the Brooklyn Flea. Last month Mr. Apparently took advantage of a solo morning to check it out, despite protests that I wanted to go as well. Since he brought home a little vintage glass bell for displaying my grandmother’s watch-brooch, I forgave him, but I’ve been eager for a next trip.

brooklyn flea

This morning he planned to take Apparently Jr. to the Flea while I went to the gym. Wisely, I postponed my plans. The day was perfect for a visit to Fort Greene, the Brooklyn neighborhood we’d briefly considered several years ago. It’s way more charming there now.

And the Flea was impressive, not only for the vintage and antique vendors who actually had stuff worth perusing at the relatively late hour of 11am (eyeglass frames, anyone? multiple sellers!), but most notably for the food purveyors, who offered everything from freshly ground brewed coffee, lobster rolls and buffalo jerky to artisanal okra pickles and organic hot dogs with Japanese curry and kimchi…on the same dog.

Having recently watched a video on how hot dogs are made, I opted out of that particular delicacy, but I did indulge in a pulled pork sandwich and had a taste of an even better one made by two guys from Porchetta NYC. They don’t even have a tent, just a table with a metal bin piled with hard rolls, a roasted Niman Ranch pork loin and a big knife. At some point a smear of pesto made its way into the sandwich. It was perfect.

Mr Apparently’s bahn-mi style Asia Dog was deemed tasty, but not as delicious as his previous order of the aforementioned curry and kimchi version.

All sandwiches were, however, overshadowed by the incredibly delectable “Bonfire” caramel/ chocolate/meringue stroopwafel from The Good Batch. Described to us as “like a s’more,” it was considerably more delicate and salted-caramel-laden, and thus more delicious. I apologize for not snapping a photo of my son’s face covered in in meringue-marshmallow goodness, but my fingers were too sticky even to consider reaching for the camera. Lest you wonder what a stroopwafel looks like, here’s a shot of a different offering from The Good Batch’s web site:

stroopwafel from The Good Batch

Thank goodness for nap time. The prospect of a 45-minute train ride with an oversugared, fading toddler drove us away before we could indulge further, but not before securing macaroons and a chocolate brownie cookie (vendor unknown, but I’m guessing Choice Market) for future experimentation. Would it surprise you to learn that Apparently Jr’s first words upon waking were, “Can I have a bite of the brownie now?”

Suffice it to say, I spent nap time at the gym.

Thousand Dollar Bars | King Arthur Flour

Mmm, homemade Twix®. I think I gained two pounds just reading this recipe.

I’m rich, I’m rich! Thousand Dollar Bars | King Arthur Flour – King Arthur Flour – Baking Banter.

Drink This, Not That!

UPDATE: It turns out that this article is actually from Eat This Not That!‘s web site. I expect the World of Mysteries link to be defunct soon…or at least appropriately accredited.

In the same vein as the popular Eat This Not That! series, World of Mysteries presents the most Harmful Drinks in America, with shocking comparisons as to the amounts of sugar and carbohydrates in various liquid refreshment. For example, a venti Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream not only has 660 calories and 22 grams of fat, but also 95 grams of sugars, the same as in 8.5 scoops of Edy’s coffee ice cream. I tend not to consume much fast or convenience food, but I do have a weakness for the bottled mocha frappucino Starbucks sells in bottles. According to World of Mysteries Eat This, Not That!, the vanilla version contains the equivalent of 32 Nilla wafers.

The list contains waters and beer, too, so you’re likely to find at least something you consume. And most importantly, it presents options. Apparently I should be drinking an Illi Issimo Caffe instead of the bottled frappucino. I’ll have to bring it up with my local bodega.

The 20 Worst Drinks in America

Harmful Drinks in America | World Of Mysteries, via not martha.

Sugar + Fire = Satisfaction

Mr Apparently, ever the sweetie and clever to boot, has hit upon the perfect “I need a little something and there’s nothing in the house” snack. Occasionally at night I’ll hear the click-click-click of the gas burner on the stove, and two minutes later, this:
Really, fire is the ultimate way to extract value from a marshmallow. No nutritional value whatsoever, but 25 calories of sticky, sugary goodness.