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Things For Which I Am Thankful

upside down

photo by John Frisbie


Friends, near and far

Washable glue

My Kenmore sewing machine

Shoes with rubber heels that look like wood


Facebook (c.f., Friends, far)

The collected works of Jonathan Franzen

The collected works of Richard Scarry

Corrective lenses


Public transportation

Having a roof over my head

Wool slippers

The taco truck at 40th & QB

Successful communication


Decaffeinated coffee

Health insurance

Steam heat

Flea markets

A liberal arts education

The internet

Hawthorne Threads

Earlier this summer I discovered the lovely website of online fabric shop Hawthorne Threads. The site itself is so far superior to most fabric shop web sites that I started using it as a reference, and I’d find myself there whever browsing for fabric. The shop’s owners are located in upstate NY, but the shop itself is online only.

Hawthorne Threads

I signed up for their email newsletter, which they send weekly to announce new fabrics in stock. They also have a weekly giveaway and the occasional Facebook-only contest. I entered one of these and surprise – I won six fat quarters of the (then) highly-anticipated Far Far Away II by Heather Ross. A package arrived two days later, and I’ve been pondering for two months what exactly to do with it.

Far Far Away II

The felt case for my double-pointed needles has been looking a bit the worse for wear, and so I improvised a quick needle case with two of the pieces. In fact, I even made a travel case on the fly, since my needle case was turning out wider than I needed. I’m considering recovering my small ironing board with two more. That leaves two…what to make? (Do you have a favorite sewing project that uses fat quarters or small pieces? Tell me in the comments!)

DPN cases

Thanks to Charlie and Lindsay at Hawthorne Threads for a most excellent prize. Any guesses as to which shop will receive my next big fabric order?