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Tips from a Compulsive Plate Stacker

This CHOW article will make me think twice before trying to help…but only in nicer restaurants! I don’t think the servers at my local (and delicious) Korean noodle shop are whisking off my napkins to the linen basket. (In fact, they wheel a bus tub through the place, so my pile of plates is actually saving someone some time in this case.)

Does My Waiter Hate Me? : What you can do to make his job easier – CHOW.

Renegade Craft Fair (pt.2): Made Me Look

Part Two: Those Who Made Me Look Twice

When browsing a craft fair, booths can be divided into three, or possibly four, categories: those which don’t even catch your eye or which you scan but skip right past, those which draw you in but you realize quickly that there’s nothing there for you and leave, and those where you stay and browse, perhaps (and hopefully!) even making a purchase. This post features a few vendors in that last category: those who caught my eye and deserve some attention.

Aya Rosen's Octopus Glass

A Different Octopus by Aya Rosen

LoucheLab offered a sweet little freebie: Aya Rosen’s Little Coloring Book of Interesting Things. Her octopus promotional postcards were also compelling and I must confess, perhaps suitable for framing. One may go on Apparently Jr.’s wall of oceanic art, nearly all of which was purchased at the RCF in 2008. I also loved that she had a table on her booth where you could paint on glass. As I was browsing, a friendly woman (Aya herself?) approached me to say that while all the seats were currently full, one would open up shortly. While I wasn’t planning to stay, I certainly appreciated the invitation.

I couldn’t figure out why the dotted baby dress at Enfant Terrible‘s shop was so appealing; I learned later that Salt Chunk Mary‘s daughter has one, so perhaps I have seen it in action at some point.

Jar of Wonder offered the only felt food that I saw at the fair. As a felt food aficionado and craftsperson, I was compelled to look, but I’m afraid they weren’t quite ready for prime time. And I’m not sure why they removed the entire play kitchen from their already sparse booth (unless someone purchased it, in which case, you go, Jar of Wonder!). I do applaud them for their effort and good packaging. People were definitely taking their packaging up a notch this year, which I found appealing from a buyer’s perspective.

I spent some time pondering a purchase of bgreendesign‘s silkscreened trees. Perhaps a little more attention from the people manning the booth might have sold me on it. I know it’s not always easy to chat with potential customers all day, but you do have to interact with the people who visit your booth. And seriously, people: either put prices on your items or display a price list. You lose dozens of sales every day to introverts…or people who just don’t like asking for prices. I am one of those.

My favorite topiary by life {with tigers}

(Also, when someone does ask for a price, please don’t say “I could let it go for $x.” It’s a craft fair, not a yard sale.)

My favorite item that I didn’t purchase, and the winner of my imaginary “most unique” award, goes to a charming, oddly named shop called life {with tigers}, which makes (among other things), the most darling little fabric topiaries. On an equal-but-opposite note, they also make catnip toys that look like severed legs.

A late addition to this post: the pretty fabric-flower hairpins at WREN Handmade. All of her items were so prettily arranged and packaged. I didn’t pick up her card but I thought of her items a few days after the fair, so they must have made an impression!

Up Next: What I Purchased, A Word on Their Sponsors, and One Strategist’s Analysis (or, How to Succeed In Crafty Commerce And Retain Your Sanity).

Let Me Count the Ways

Regardless of your take on Valentine’s Day (day of bliss or Hallmark holiday?), there’s something for everyone in Geekdad’s Top 10 Tragic Love Stories in Geek Fiction.

Or, perhaps you’re still looking for that special something. Consider 8 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Your Mate Hot …or Bothered.

Hmm, InventorSpot may have one ugly web site, but they have Ideas for your Gadget-Loving Crush as well.

When I picked my son up from preschool today, I received my first construction-paper valentine, edged in gold glitter and containing glued-on pictures of conversation hearts. Be still my heart – it’s totally perfect.

Lego rose available at lego.com. But it comes pre-built – where’s the fun in that?